16 Tuners FTA IRD DVB-S/S2/ ATSC-T To IP Gateway COL5816B COL5816B

COL5816B Tuner to IP Gateway is a head-end interface conversion device which supports MPTS and SPTS output switchable. It supports 16 MPTS or 512 SPTS output over UDP and RTP/RTSP protocol. It is integrated with tuner demodulation (or ASI input) and gateway function, which can demodulate the signal from 16 tuners into IP package, or directly convert the TS from ASI input and tuner into IP package, then output the IP package through different IP address and ports. BISS function is also embedded for tuner input to descramble your tuner input programs

Product Detail

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Key Features

✔ Support 16 FTA DVB-S/S2 (DVB-C/T/T2/ISDB-T/ATSC-T optional)input, 2 ASI input

✔ Support BISS descrambling

✔ Support DiSEqC function

✔ 16 MPTS or 512 SPTS output (MPTS and SPTS output switchable)

✔ 2 GE mirrored output, up to 850Mbps---SPTS

✔ 2 independent GE output port, GE1 + GE2---MPTS

✔ Support accurate PCR adjusting (Only for SPTS output)

✔ Support PID filtering, re-mapping (Only SPTS output)

✔ Support PSI/SI rebuilding and editing (Only SPTS output)

✔ Support “Null PKT Filter” function (For MPTS output)

✔ Support Web operation

echnical specification

InputOptional 1:16 tuners input +2 ASI input---SPTS output

Optional 2:14 tuners input +2 ASI input --- MPTS output

Optional 3:16 tuners input --- MPTS output

Tuner Section


DVB-CStandardJ.83A(DVB-C), J.83B, J.83C

Frequency In30 MHz~1000 MHz

Constellation16/32/64/128/256 QAM

DVB-T/T2Frequency In30MHz ~999.999 MHz

Bandwidth6/7/8 M bandwidth

DVB-S/S2Input Frequency950-2150MHz

Symbol rateDVB-S: QPSK 2~45Mbauds;

DVB-S2:QPSK1~45Mbauds, 8PSK 2~30Mbauds

Code rate1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10

ConstellationQPSK, 8PSK

ISDB-TInput Frequency30-1000MHz

ATSC-TInput Frequency54MHz~858MHz

Bandwidth6M bandwidth
Output512 SPTS IP mirrored output over UDP and RTP/RTSP protocol through GE1 and GE2 port, Unicast and Multicast

16 MPTS IP output (for Tuner/ASI passthrough) over UDP and RTP/RTSP protocol through GE1 and GE2 port, Unicast and Multicast
BISS DescramblingMode 1, Mode E (Up to 850Mbps) (descramble individual program)
MiscellaneousDimension482mm×410mm×44mm (W×L×H)

Approx weight 3.6kg


Power requirements  100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption 20W

Working Principle


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