Colable in BroadcastAsia 2013 in Singapore (2013.6.22)

BroadcastAsia is the Asia's international event for the digital media and broadcasting industries, Colable Electronics attended to BroadcastAsia 2013 in Marina Bay sand Singpore with Booth number 4C3-20 from 18th June-21st June.2013. In the this exhibition, Colable Electronics displayed a series of professional dvb headend products and set top box for cable tv scrambling system,cas/sms/epg etc, And successfully attracted many clients to visit the booth and negotiate for more details.


Andina Link 2017 in Cartagena.Colombia(2017.3.10)

Originated in the early 1990s, due to the booming demand for cable TV in the Latin Americas and the huge mixed technology market,Andina Link, an international trading event,is the most important trade show in Latin America, mainly showing the latest technology, broadband technology and cable TV.
Colable Electronics headed towards ANDINA LINK 2017 which was held from 7th~9th March in Cartagena, a famous port city in Colombia. It lasted for three days.
In the exhibition, COLABLE demonstrated and ran the entire test system to customers through computer platform and on-site test environment. It was recognized by a large number of customers and expressed their great demands for cooperation.
COLABLE crossed the Pacific Ocean to the other end of the world. This trip around the earth was undoubtedly hard, but it was a success. We successfully erected our own exquisite business card in the Latin area. More and more Latin American and South American customers comed to COLABLE for products and solutions and keep the long term business relationship.



Convergencia Show in Mexico 2018(2018.6.10)

ConvergenciaShow. Mx 2018,the only Expo-Convention in Mexico, is tailor-made and exclusive to the entertainment industry. started on June 5th, and ended on June 7th, 2018.
Colable Electronics is the leading supplier of digital TV system solutions, In this Expo-Convention in Mexico city,Colable Electronics introduced numerous solutions and products, including advanced Security Conditional Access System, Pay TV, Telecommunications, DTH ,Next Generation Monitoring Solution, High Efficient Transcoder ,DTV+OTT Turnkey Solution ,  HEVC 4K set top box.
Colable Electronics had good performances in Asia market , Mid-east, East Europe,and South American countries. We develop rapidly in digital television industry, and we continue to occupy the Digital TV markets around the world.



Andina Link 2019 Cartagena (2019.3.1)

Andina Link 2019 was held in the Convention Center of Cartagena,Started on 26th.Feb and end on 28th.Feb. 2019
Colable Electronics’core products were elaborately and perfectly showed, Such as: High Efficient HEVC Encoder, Muti-Channelsl HD/SD Encoder, Multifunctional IP Modulator, H, DVB-C STB ,IPTV HEVC 4K Decoder ect. It demonstrated Colable Electronics had pioneering complete DTV and IPTV/OTT solutions for Digital TV/OTT related projects.
Re-attending the expo in Cartagena was to give back to old customers, expand new customers, and bring more cutting-edge new technologies to old customers. Always maintain a leading position in the digital industry.



PCTA -Philippine Tech Show in 2021(2021.4.17)

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Philippines Tech Show in April 2021 had transfered to online platform.
The exhibition attracted communication and cable TV operators, TV stations, government organizations and large enterprises, as well as many high-quality TV service operators.
For the first time, the traditional offline exhibition transferred to the online platform, where visitors and exhibitors can communicate with each other face to face and vividly display the production environment, technology and workshop,participate in the interaction well and timely grasp the psychological trends of customers and answer questions.
This online exhibition was the first attempt, and many exhibitors who got benefits have opened live broadcasts, which is undoubtedly a multiplier effect on the publicity and expansion of the company's image and products.
COLABLE focused its attention on the Philippine market where digital TV networks and bandwidth are in the early stage of booming. It was a very good attempt to showcase its core products and promote mainstream solutions. With the country’s “One Belt One Road“ policy, It is a very good opportunity for us to establish a brand image and enter the Southeast Asian market.