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Tuner/ASI to IP Gateway COL5781

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  • Brand:    COLABLE
  • Type:    COL5781
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COL5781 Tuner(or ASI) to IP Gateway is a head-end interface conversion device which is used for DVB and Ethernet. It is integrated with

tuner demodulation(or ASI input) and gateway function, which can demodulate the signal from 8 tuners into TS and packet the TS into IP package,

or directly convert the TS from ASI input into IP package, then output the IP package through different IP address and ports. It supports TS over UDP protocol.

BISS function is now embedded for tuner input to descramble your tuner input programs.


 Integrate demodulation,BISS descrambling  and gateway function

 Support 8 channels tuner(DVB-S/S2/-C/-T/ISDB-T/ATSC optional) input (or 8 ASI input)and 8 IP output

 Support MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 TS to IP one way conversion

 Support BISS descrambling (max up to 5112 PID)-for Tuner input

 1 GE output(support parallel 1 Gbps data output channel)

 Support maximum 8 tuner to IP converting channel, the maximum output bit-rate is 800Mbps

 Support 8 MPTS over UDP protocol, unicast and multicast

 Support LCD display and keyboard control

 Support NMS/SNMP/web management

Inner Principle


                                                                                    Tuner to IP Gateway

                                                                    ASI to IP Gateway

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