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  • Is IPTV Still Worth Getting in 2021?

    Since live TV’s costs have skyrocketed, the viewers have started looking for some alternatives. The first thing that came to mind of a majority of people was paying for streaming apps, like Hulu. We can see that this is not something that happened overnight. In fact, for a good number of years, the
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  • DVB World 2019: Arcidiacono calls for support for European media

    Mar.12.2019DVB World 2019opened with a keynote speech from EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidiacono. Hecalled on broadcasters to work together through organizations like the DVB Project, which he said was a great example of public and private broadcasters working h
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  • 5G Cell Phone Architecture | 5G Cell Phone Block Diagram

    5G Cell Phone Architecture | 5G Cell Phone Block Diagram

    This article on 5G Cell Phone architecture covers 5G Cell Phone Block diagram with internal modules of 5G Cellular phone architecture.Introduction:5G cell phones have been designed to comply either 3GPP NR or Verizon TF specifications. Some phones support both of these specifications. It works on ra
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